USA Provincial Grand Chapitre
Bailliage Provincial of Pacific NW
San Jose (California), April 12-14, 2018
Diamonds are forever!
" What a spectacular weekend it was! "

Thursday 12
Members gathered for a champagne reception at the Fairmont Hotel followed by dinner at Elyse, a newly opened Vietnamese and Pacific Northwest fusion cuisine restaurant which made a superb start to the Grand Chapitre and the hospitality extended by the Bailliage of Silicon Valley (officially founded in 1980 as the Bailliage of San Jose). Of special note were Vice-Échanson Gene Timmons selections from the Bailliage’s wine cellar.

Friday 13
Tourist attractions were explored as we drove to Testarossa Winery through the Santa Cruz Mountains experiencing the wonderful Los Gatos wine region. On arrival a party atmosphere of music and revelry on the winery’s private patio greeted us. The original historic Novitiate Winery was originally built in 1888 by Jesuits housing the caves and cellars. The real treat was dinning in the old stone and brick cave with its gravity flow floor. The long table slanted towards the door giving that slightly tipsy feeling!

Saturday 14
During the day the Provincial Bailliage Council meeting was held at the International Culinary Center where the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition was taking place. Afterwards some of us joined the Bailliage Officers to see the wonderful creations the four young chefs were creating. Toiling from early morning the four fashioned their dishes from the food items supplied in the mystery basket. The winner was Kiah Ayana Fuller from the Bailliage of Silicon Valley, Runner-up was Sean Wornstaff (Seattle), in Third Place was Michael Williams (Silicon Valley) and fourth was Joshua McKinnon (Seattle).

The evening was a glittering affair! Before dinner the Induction Ceremony was conducted by Bailli Délégué Harold Small in his capacity as a Member of the Conseil d’Administration. Hal was assisted by Bailli Provincial Bertrand de Boutray. Janina Lorie, Bailli of Silicon Valley and Chevalier Sam Mazzara received awards for the organisation of the fantastic three days.

Concluding the programme, we enjoyed an outstanding dinner crafted by Executive Chef Anthony Hsia, Pastry Chef Fernando Arreola and their kitchen brigade. The courses were complemented by an outstanding selection of wines carefully chosen by the knowledgeable, passionate Sommelier Vice-Échanson Gene Timmons.

What a spectacular weekend it was!

Vive la Chaîne!

Robin Du Brin
Chargée de Presse Provinciale