OMGD Switzerland Winery Visit
Bailliage of Fribourg
Saint-Saphorin, May 4, 2019
Sampling the delights of Domaine des Faverges
" Fabrice Corneau .. warmly welcomed us to share his love and knowledge of the estate "

More than 20 members and guests accepted the invitation of the Bailliage’s Vice-Échanson to discover the Domaine des Faverges, property of the State of Fribourg since 1848 but actually situated in the State of Vaud.

Fabrice Corneau, our guide for the day, warmly welcomed us to share his love and knowledge of the estate. The first wine tasted in the vineyards was an organic Chasselas 2017 certified “Bio Suisse”.

In fact we learnt that 6.6 hectares of the 15.4 hectares estate are worked using organic farming principles by Gérald Vallélian, while the other part is worked by Yvan Regamey under “integrated production” rules - a halfway house between conventional methods and fully organic which has the aim of dramatically reducing the chemicals used.

The two estate winemakers complement each other wonderfully. Passing from the vineyard to the cellar we could taste the unfiltered L’Énigme 2017 made from Chasselas matured on the lees (French: ‘sur lie’) in a hundred-year old vat.

On the promontory with its breath-taking view of the Lavaux vineyard terraces, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a Chasselas Réserve 2017 of the Fribourg State Council was served to us. We learnt it had been vinified in oval-shaped tanks.

In the beautiful press room, next to the vats and the press still used during the grape harvest, to finish the tasting came the first red, L'Évidence 2017 made from Pinot Noir vinified using whole bunches. It awakened the taste buds before they discovered the delights of the hot and cold buffet served and prepared in a friendly and convivial atmosphere by Chevalier Gregory Santschi and his brigade.

To accompany the buffet, which was delicious and full of surprises, some of the group tried the white Réserve du Château de Gruyères 2017, whilst others preferred the red version made from Gamay, Gamaret, Garanoir and Galotta. Everyone was thus able to relish as they pleased either an additional Chasselas or a most successful blend.

For the latecomers, the evening ended with the tasting of the Merlaü 2016, a barrel-fermented Merlot which certainly contributed to passionate and exciting discussions, before having to face the snowy landscape on the way back home.

Gabriele Wittlin
Vice-Chargée de Presse