Denmark Dinner
Copenhagen, May 25, 2019
Long-awaited opportunity to dine at Lumskebugten
" on arrival we enjoyed a glass of Champagne Vollereaux 2009 with some delicious canapés "

Finally, we had the opportunity to visit the famous Erwin Lauterbach’s restaurant. For more than 30 years, Lauterbach has been a trendsetter for what characterizes the food scene in Denmark. He has been a tutor for some of Denmark's best chefs, many of whom now have well-known restaurants.

On graduating, Lauterbach worked with Søren Gericke at Restaurant Copenhague in Paris. Later he founded the legendary Saison which for many years was one of the country's most celebrated gourmet restaurants. In 2001, Lauterbach was named “Chef of the Year for 25 Years” and in 2006 “Chefs' Chef” which is where chefs themselves nominate and vote for the best chef.

Since 2012 he has run Restaurant Lumskebugten (roughly translated Treachery Bay Tavern), in a property which has been in existence since 1854 on the harbourside in Copenhagen. For many years it was a seaman's alehouse. After Erwin Lauterbach took over, it has been renovated retaining a simple, charming style.

Outside the restaurant on arrival we enjoyed a glass of Champagne Vollereaux 2009 with some delicious canapés. After the welcome by Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk, the microphone was handed to Chancelier Thorbjørn Moy. He praised the career of Erwin Lauterbach and awarded him a Medal of Merit for his lifetime achievements for Danish gastronomy. Erwin is only the second Chef in Denmark to be awarded this. The entire party gave a standing ovation.


Asparagus soup with roasted asparagus

Lovage-gratinated monkfish
vegetables with mussel emulsion

Legs of Hopballe free-range poultry
on a nettle stew with chanterelles
and shredded-frozen foie gras

Rhubarb dessert

The menu was accompanied by wines from Chile and Germany.

Following dinner, Chancelier Moy and Échanson Jens Steffen Hansen gave their appreciation to the assembled staff members. They expressed great pleasure with the performance of both kitchen and service brigades. Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk then awarded the staff the Bailliage of Denmark service brigade pins for their first-class service.

Once again our sponsor Ken Storkøkken presented us with a leaving present - this time it was a set of six fish knives.

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique