Denmark Dinner
Frederiksberg, June 15, 2019
Summer event at Restaurant Mondän
" The restaurant has been getting top reviews for both the lunch and the evening menus "

The Bailliage’s summer event took place at Frederiksberg - the city within the city of Copenhagen - in the Restaurant Mondän. The chef is Maître Rôtisseur Mads Dalsborg. His kitchen is as he states, “Born of Nordic cuisine, refined by the French, and adapted to the Danish palate.”

Chef Dalsborg was trained at Restaurant Tinggården and spent a lot of his student time in Saint-Maxime in southern France. He later worked at some of the best restaurants in Denmark, before he teamed up with Lars Bing Magnussen and started Mondän.

The restaurant has been getting top reviews for both the lunch and the evening menus so we were very excited to experience what he would serve for us.

We were welcomed at the door by Chef Mads himself. Chancelier Thorbjørn Scott Moy was our compere for the evening.  Whilst mingling with our glasses of Crémant de Bourgogne we were served some lovely canapés.


Oysters | Buttermilk | Horseradish | Apples
Crémant de Bourgogne - André Bonhomme

Vichyssoise | Scallop | Dill potato
Alsace Pinot Gris - Hugel

Tartare | White asparagus | Fresh cheese | Wild garlic
Sancerre - Roger Neveau

Young cockerel | Cauliflower | Brown butter | Sour cream
Dopler Pinot Noir - Thermenregion, Austria

Rhubarb | Lilac | Milk |Sorrel
Stallmann-Hiestand Auslese - Rheinhessen, Germany

Coffee | Tea

After dinner, Chancelier Thorbjørn Moy and Échanson Jens Steffen Hansen gave their appreciation to the assembled brigades.

The menu had been excellent. Thorbjørn pointed out some of the highlights from the dinner which he saw as proof of really great craftsmanship. Jens praised the wines that were not the everyday mainstream options but carefully-selected choices that matched the menu very well.

The service brigade was particularly praised for the good service. As a result, and with much pleasure, Thorbjørn presented the team members with Bailliage of Denmark pins.

Once again, our sponsor Ken Storkøkken had a leaving present for us all as we said our goodbyes.

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique