OMGD Turkey Wine Tasting
Bailliage of Istanbul
Istanbul, July 6, 2019
Featuring 'Welcome Summer!' rosés
" It was indeed a very refreshing, 'chilling out' OMGD event "

The Bailliage ended its 2018-2019 season with a remarkable Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) wine tasting event held in the garden of Sans Restaurant to welcome this year’s hot summer.

Unlike the other wine tasting events where we usually feature selected wines from the product range of a specific wine producer, this was the first time to feature only rosé wines from various Turkish producers.

Thirteen rosé and “blush” wines from the local producers were tasted and much enjoyed:
- Kavaklidere (Egeo Rosé 2018)
- Doluca (DLC Playa Blush 2018)
- Doluca (Sarafin Rosé 2018)
- Kayra (Allure Rosé 2018)
- Chateau Nuzun (Blush 2018)
- Porta Caeli (Felice Rosé 2018)
- Sevilen (Isabey Rosé 2016)
- Pasaeli (Çakal Blush 2018)
- Nif Baglari (Blush 2018)
- Bülübag (Blush 2018)
- Lucien Arkas (Smyrna Blush 2018)
- Prodom (Rosé 2018)
- Pamukkale (Arti Rosé 2018)

Échanson Niso Adato, owner of Şans Restaurant, explained that for the tasting the thirteen wines were arranged vertically according to their alcohol content that varied between 11.4% and 14.5%.

Member and owner/producer of Chateau Nuzun wines, Nazan Basol, explained how her blush wine is made and from which grape variety it was produced. She further enlightened our knowledge with information about the difference between rosé and blush wines, as well as the technique of their making and the varieties of grapes that may be used.

Following the three hours of tasting, sampling and enjoying the chilled wines many participants continued the evening with dinner at the restaurant. Individual personal preferences of the tasted wines were paired with the menu thus making the evening even more of another memorable OMGD event.

At the end of the unique experience, Bailli Délégué Mohamed Hammam thanked all the producers whose wines had contributed so much to the success of this event. He further thanked Échanson Niso Adato for hosting the tasting at his establishment.

It was indeed a very refreshing, “chilling out” OMGD event on a hot summer evening!!

Mohamed Hammam
Bailli Délégué