Curaçao - Rose Garden Restaurant
Chargé de Presse Tsz Ming Ng & his family
Serving customers with heart since 1983

Welcome to Rose Garden Restaurant, a Professional member establishment in the Chaîne run by Tsz Ming Ng*, Chargé de Presse, and his family.

Rose Garden is a Chinese cuisine restaurant in Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, specialising in Szechuan and Cantonese styles.

It has been family owned and operated since 1983. With its capacity of 80 seats, two private dining areas and a comprehensive wine cellar, customers dine in a comfortable atmosphere with nice oriental decorations and background music.

To keep the menu new and exciting additional dishes are advertised once a week usually on table tent cards. According to Tsz Ming, hot-selling items these days are their General Tso’s chicken and sizzling beef tenderloin. He said that many customers always start with the classic wonton soup.

Since the employees have been working for a long time at the restaurant and the core customers are so familiar with them, Tsz Ming says that motivating the staff to keep a constant service ethic is rarely a challenge. We treat the customers like family!

With its friendly, cosy ambiance and the principle of serving customers “with heart”, enjoying the experience of fine Chinese cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting at the Rose Garden is never in doubt.

Given his experience in the restaurant business, the Chaîne News On-line asked Tsz Ming some general questions relevant to the hospitality profession:

Starting a restaurant can be demanding of finance and resources, what advice can you give to someone wishing to open a new establishment?
“You need to know the concept. Listen to as much advice as possible from experienced people. Be clear on your strengths and your creation.”

What marketing initiatives work for you?
“The best way is to know your customer and let them spread the quality of the dining experience to others. Nowadays Facebook and other social media is very important in spreading the word.”

Who mentors you in the business?
“Mentorship is important, that’s why I always exchange the ideas with our colleagues to improve on the knowledge of the business.”

Ed. Tsz Ming joined the Chaîne in 2006 as a Maître Restaurateur. In 2009 he became a Maître Rôtisseur to better reflect his professional status within the restaurant. In 2017 Bailli Délégué Nico Cornelisse invited Tsz Ming to join the National Council as Chargé de Presse, an invitation he gladly accepted.