United Arab Emirates Dinner
Dubai, September 23, 2019
A Lebanese experience
" Ali El Bourji, Executive Arabic Chef for Ayamna and the Resort, showcased the Mediterranean cuisine of Lebanon "

For our latest dinner we were treated to a Lebanese experience at Ayamna, Atlantis The Palm. People have said that having found Ayamna it is probably their best food discovery. We would have to agree 100%!

The restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Ali Bourji and what a menu he put together. As we all know with Lebanese food you must order plenty of dishes and sample them all. And dear reader we did …. big time! Thank you to Chef Ali and his brigade.

As usual, the Atlantis team pulled out all the stops to create a memorable evening. There were countless highlights, one of which was the welcome drinks at The Bridge Suite. Looking towards Dubai lit by night from the balcony it was a spectacular sight.

Later, by divine arrangement, drinks in hand and comfortably positioned on the balcony we watched the fireworks display for Saudi Arabia National Day. What a spectacular way to start a great dinner!

Ali el Bourji, Executive Arabic Chef for Ayamna and the Resort, showcased the Mediterranean cuisine of Lebanon. El Ixsir Lebanese fine wine supported the meal and was excellent in quality.


Beirut Tajin Art
Seabass, citrus, saffron

Tour of Lebanon
Shrimp kibbeh, avocado and chili, labneh and sumac

A Frozen Lebanese Winter
Pomegranate and rose at -200°C

The Book of Ayamna
Quail, crispy freekeh*, foie gras, chicken cromesquis

“The Cherry Tree”
Cherry muhallabiya**, pistachio mousse, halawa ice cream

Our special appreciation was extended to Talih Kiran (Ayamna’s General Manager), Ali el Bourji (Executive Arabic Chef for Ayamna and the Resort), Hussein Hadla (Assistant Restaurant Manager) and Sascha Triemer (Vice-President Food and Beverage) for creating such an eye-catching, taste-intriguing and most enjoyable spectacular cuisine. The whole evening worked perfectly, it was indeed a Lebanese experience to remember.

Eleanor Brodie

* Freekeh is a cereal food made from green durum wheat that is roasted and rubbed to create its flavour. It is an ancient dish derived from Levantine and North African cuisines, remaining popular in many countries of the eastern Mediterranean Basin where durum wheat originated.

** Mhallabiyeh is a milk pudding that has legendary origins dating to Sassanid Persia. The basic ingredients are rice, sugar, rice flour and milk. In the Middle Ages, muhallebi and its European counterpart blancmange were made with shredded chicken. The traditional recipe is still common in Turkey.