Croatia Dinner
Mačkovec, December 14, 2019
Gastronomic endeavours more than satisfied expectations
" A dinner of pure enjoyment "

“This can only exist in films or on picture postcards” is the typical reaction of visitors to this beautifully-designed restaurant in Mačkovec, northern Croatia. It has successfully attracted food lovers from all over Croatia and Slovenia in search of a delicious lunch or dinner.

Famous for first-class cuisine and its particular ambiance - it’s the Mala Hiza Restaurant dubbed the best gastronomic location in northern Croatia. An obvious choice therefore for our December dinner made possible thanks to the Tomašić family - precisely Branko, his wife Dijana and their daughter Tanja, the restaurant’s Sommelier.

Branko Tomašić is an energetic, vital man, self-taught cook and a graphic designer by education.  His mastery of cooking is however perfect. All dishes prepared in the restaurant’s highly-organised kitchen are prepared under his mentorship.


Buckwheat crepes
chilli, pumpkin marmalade
goat’s milk curd, porcini in pumpkin seed oil

Trio of bruschette
Meat | Venison prosciutto | terrine-baked rustic pâté

Winter pear soup
Parmesan cheese sticks

Pumpkin traditional pockets filled with porcini ragout
homemade ravioli filled with rocket salad and cheese
served with two sauces

Goose foie gras prepared two ways
warm homemade bread

Braised young rabbit
sautéed and topped with cream

“Winter dessert”
berries, home-baked cakes, homemade cheese platter

(All produced exclusively by winemakers from Međimurje)

Sibon sparkling wine - DGA Pjenušci Winery

Banfi - Štrigova

Urban Red 2016
David Štampar, Sveti Urban, Štrigova

Pušipel Prestige 2016 - Dvanajščak Winery

Kozol - Dragoslavec, Lopatinec

Yellow Muscat 2017
Zvonko Belović Winery, Zelezna Gora

Mala Hiza only prepares dishes with ingredients from local farms and from Branko Tomašić's own garden. The dishes and their flavours told a story of the Međimurje region. A rich region with fertile soil, fruitful orchards, great vines for wine production, forests full of game. No wonder that venison featured on the menu.

The farming activity is based on raising poultry, young rabbits, pigs, cattle and horses. Chef Tomašić decided to also prepare a fillet of foal that raised a few eyebrows at first. However, after tasting it, everyone agreed it was a delicious, exquisitely prepared dish.

A dinner of pure enjoyment of Međimurje specialties, prepared of course with a little twist. We owe this truly hedonistic experience to our hosts, the Tomašić family and the staff who welcomed us with big smiles.

Koraljka Tironi
Chargée de Presse