OMGD Turkey Online Beer Tasting
Bailliage of Istanbul
Istanbul, September 17, 2020
Innovative solution to overcome the COVID-19 lockdown
" it was a very interesting, memorable event for all the participants "

Nearly seven months with no Chaîne activities! The Bailliage of Turkey’s National Board swung into action. It was decided to resume Chaîne events online until actual physical events would be possible.

The first of these events was an OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) live beer tasting held on September 17th in which by 32 Istanbul members participated via the Zoom platform.

Sponsoring the event was the Efes Group, the largest beer producer in Turkey Anadolu, owner of the leading beer brand “Efes” and the Efes Beer Academy. Since it was their first online live event a very different logistical operation was needed.

The Efes marketing team, led by their Marketing Director Serim Yildirim, designed and produced a special ‘Beer Kit’. The elegant, professionally-packed beer kits contained seven bottles of different beers (three lagers and four ales), each with its own branded glass.

The ‘Beer Kits’ were delivered to each participant’s door 48 hours prior to the event via Efes’ own distribution network. In addition to the beers and glasses, Efes also shared their beer academy’s comprehensive Powerpoint presentation to facilitate the theoretical part of the event.

Orchestrating the whole event was Oğul Türkkan, a former Chaîne member (he was Argentier and Bailli of Ankara amongst other roles) who sadly was obliged to step away from the Confrérie given the increased demands of his professional career. Currently Oğul is a Food and Beverage Consultant and a Brand Ambassador for some of the leading local and international alcoholic beverage brands.

Oğul began the presentation by telling us what beer is, its history, the ingredients used in its production, how it is made and the world’s various beer types.

Then the live online tasting began with us seated comfortably at home. Oğul explained in detail the types of the seven beers we tasted. He also gave recommendations on beer and food matching. The event ended with a live online “Questions and Answers” session.

Indeed, it was a very interesting, memorable event for all the participants. Many, usually wine lovers, were astonished to learn about beer history, beer making and the types of beers worldwide, all the while being able to actually taste some of these beers live whilst online.

Many thanks went to Anadolu Efice and Oğul Türkkan for making this virtual beer event happen.

Vive la Chaîne and Vive l’Ordre Mondial!

Mohamed Hammam
Bailli Délégué