Happy New Year 2021!
Best wishes
The Managing Editor writes ..

Now that we have left the 2020 pandemic-related challenges behind us, whilst we are not yet “out of the woods” by any means, renewed positivity comes with the arrival of a new year.

My thoughts turn to the innovation and energy that has been shown by many Bailliages during the difficult times. I believe that the past year has shown how our Confrérie has held us together and brought strength to many.

Demonstrating that the Confrérie is very much alive, the regular e-News mailings have featured Chaîne occasions in those parts of the world less affected by the virus, together with innovative on-line tastings and dinners where it is still not possible for members to meet in person.

Even so, I can sympathise with a member from Switzerland who wrote that it was demoralizing to see the magnificent events that Rôtisseurs have been staging elsewhere whilst in his country the restaurants have all been closed and consequently face-to-face Chaîne activities have been at zero.

Speaking of restaurants - not forgetting all sectors of the hospitality and travel industries - my thoughts are especially with our Professional members. I continue to be eager to assist through the Chaîne News On-line website where we are always there to support them through articles acclaiming their skills and endeavours.

To all readers of the international Chaîne News On-line, may 2021 see all your wishes come true, may good health and prosperity be yours, may the New Year bring joy and renewed friendship.

Whatever is beautiful,
Whatever is meaningful,
Whatever brings you happiness,
Let it be yours throughout the coming year.

Vive la Chaîne!

Marie Jones
Managing Editor