Germany Dinner at home
February 26, 2021
Bailliages of Haute-Bavière, Bavière-Ouest and Munich
A completely normal dinner - just different

A completely normal dinner - just different! If everything has not worked for a long time, then what works has to be special.

Following this guiding principle, Officier Maître Restaurateur Alexander Urban from Das Midgardhaus Augustiner am See in Tutzing and Maître Rôtisseur Michael Urban from Restaurant La Bohème in Schwabing devised something delightful for a “dinner in your home”.

A five-course menu with accompanying wine was offered. It only needed to be finalised and served by members. Instead of just an amuse bouche, all components were delivered in a very attractive gourmet cooking box to the participants’ homes.

In order to guarantee success, there were very easy to understand cooking and serving instructions. Even for those with little experience at the stove!

The dinner was garnished with the opportunity to switch to the La Bohème kitchen via a video accessed on the internet. This meant we could “look over the shoulder” of the Professionals.

In the absence of permission to hold dining events in Germany, a very successful alternative was found and opportunely carried out many times in the respective households.

Bravo to all involved in making it happen!

Vive la Chaîne!
Kristian Koschuschmann
Vice-Chargé de Presse

Photos: courtesy of the participants

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