OMGD Sweden Chapitre
Halmstad, May 12-13, 2017
From 1 to 140 members in just a few months

A historic event took place in May when the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) was established in Sweden. The Inducting Officer was Mohamed Hammam, Chair of the International Ordre Mondial’s Committee and a Member of the Conseil d’Administration. Thirty new members were inducted as well as Chaîne members.

Svarta Örnshuset in the city of Halmstad in the county and Bailliage of Halland on the west coast of Sweden was the venue. The establishment is not a castle as such but its beautiful halls and lounges are certainly in the same style. Important events and parties are a specialty hence it was the ideal choice to host our weekend.

The evening’s theme was simply “Champagne” with excellent wines chosen by Échanson Magnus Fritzell accompanying the Grand Dîner.

The Chapitre in fact started on Friday evening with the same focus: “Champagne”. Five wines were tasted followed by a light dinner at Bistro Jarlen.

Being an OMGD event Saturday lunch was dedicated to crafted beverages. The local brewery Halmstad Brygghus was the venue for lunch which included tasting their artisan beers.

It was an excellent start for the OMGD in Sweden and with the presence of Mohamed Hammam, accompanied by his wife Maria, we felt very honoured.

The Ordre Mondial was certainly kick-started in Sweden going from 1 to 140 members in just a few months!

Carl Wachtmeister
Bailli Délégué