Turkey Dinner
Bailliage of Antalya
Belek, March 24, 2018
Say cheese :-)

For this event held at the Kaya Palazzo Executive Chef Seçgin Demir and his kitchen brigade surprised us with a beautiful “cheese themed” menu.

Chef Seçgin had worked behind the scenes at two previous Chaîne events. For his first as Executive Chef he decided to “cheer us up with some cheese”. His reasoning was: “If Chaîne members like to drink wine, they must love cheese”.

Nowadays there is an extensive selection of foreign cheese available in Turkey. A tasty combination of local and imported cheese was therefore chosen for our delight.

Dear friends from Turkey’s Bailliage of Ankara, Ethem and Funja Atınç, respectively Chargé de Missions and Dame de la Chaîne, attended this dinner together with His Excellency Ghassan Moallem, Ambassador of Lebanon to Turkey.


Taleggio cheese, egg mousse
Beluga caviar, mini garden sprouts, Dinkelberger bread

Burrata cheese
avocado tartare, organic dried tomato
beetroot particles, croissant cracker, purple viola

Roasted mountain cheese on chard leaves
sturgeon with marjoram, poached quail egg
green asparagus, nasturtium

Comté cheese salad
mini mizuna, aragula, multi-coloured cherry tomatoes
olive particles, preserved lemon sauce

Marzipan sorbet on ice with, red fruits

Rack of lamb
Höşmerim sweet made from Minci cheese
Gouda cheese truffle mushrooms
chickpeas, sprouts, mini chanterelle mushroom sauce

Praline cream cake with Roquefort cheese
mountain fruits, golden leaf, Iranian saffron sauce

Petits fours: Roquefort cheese, Mascarpone cheese, carrot
Palazzo chocolates with beetroot

Special wines from Turkish regions partnered each course:
- Likya Arykanda 2016
- Suvla Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2015
- Suvla Karasakiz 2016
- Kavaklidere Misket 2016
- Kayra Versus Cabernet Franc 2012
- La Passito Bornova Misket 2016

It was the first time that Alper Turlu, General Manager of this distinguished hotel, had attended a Chaîne dinner.

At the end of the evening, he thanked everyone for the unique opportunity and expressed his appreciation to kitchen and service brigades for their excellent work during the evening. He continued by extolling both presentation and creativity of Chef Seçgin's menu saying how much he admired the show-stopping result. Chef Seçgin also expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm with “I love kitchen!”

There was no need to say cheese anymore as everyone’s faces were already smiling.

Vive la Chaîne!

Leonie Kiliç
Vice-Conseiller Culinaire