Social Media Wall – how to follow:


A link to the Social Media Wall will be published on the home page of Chaîne’s international website (


Just click the link - and you will be in!


You can copy and share the link freely.


It is advisable for National Bailliages to copy the link to their website home page and share it with their local Bailliages too.


How to make your own posting to appear on the Wall:


You can use any social media account: your personal or official Bailliage or National. Just make the posting on your account including the hashtag.


It is essential to use at least one of these hashtags: #chaineday and #worldchaineday


Remember to attach the hashtag with your photo or text.


Instagram Business account postings with hashtags will also appear directly on the Wall. Instagram Basic account postings will appear too but they will not show your name.


Facebook does not support the Social Media Wall.

We can link some Facebook accounts: The official Chaîne International “Siège Mondial” Facebook and World Chaîne Day Facebook accounts will be linked to the wall.

Postings made to these two Facebook accounts should appear to the Social Media Wall. We say should, as Facebook has strong restrictions for outside operators and earlier years this has been malfunctioning.

To be sure, use Instagram with any of those three hashtags.


The refresh time for postings appearing will be about 10 minutes. E.g. picture taken during WCD event and posted with hashtag will appear to the wall within 10 minutes.


The Social Media Wall link will be open and distributed one week before the World Chaîne Day weekend.


The countdown to April 22rd is on already!



Ari-Pekka Parvianen
Chair, World Chaîne Day Organising Committee
Member of the Conseil d'Administration