Slovenia Weekend
Bakovci, Svetinje & Zerovinci, April 13-14, 2018
Sampling the culinary wealth and knowledge of our country
" All in all it was a really good evening getting the weekend off to an excellent start "

Two exceptional landscapes, excellent cuisine and pleasant spring weather was the perfect recipe for the successful realization of this year's first two-day excursion to the Prekmurje and Prlekija regions of north-eastern Slovenia,.

Friday 13th

Our tour started at the Gostilna Rajh in Bakovci. Led by the ever more successful Leone Pintaric, the inn’s rejuvenated team did not fail to surprise with the outstanding quality of the 11th dinner we have held at the establishment.

At the reception Gjerkes Sparkling Brut Nature was accompanied by langas (deep-fried dough - a regional speciality), house salami, hunter’s salad, and warm pork crackling.


Rolled pork belly
light salad, cucumber marinated in gin
Steyer ‘Ranina’ 2017

Green celery soup
Granny Smith apples, goat’s liver, walnuts, chervil
Steyer ‘Ranina’ 2017

Crayfish ravioli
Dveri Pax ‘M’ Renski Riesling 2011

Danube salmon
pak choi, hazelnuts, mushrooms, salty lemon
Marof Breg Prekmurje Sauvignon 2015

Venison fillet
crispy bread dumpling, spinach, pine nuts
Marof Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch), Mackovci 2013

Chocolate and raspberry
Steyer Diseci Traminec, semi-sweet

All in all it was a really good evening getting the weekend off to an excellent start.

Saturday, 14th

Following breakfast at the Soncna Hisa Boutique Hotel in Verzej, we first drove to Svetinje where we visited the Kupljen wine estate. Set amidst the sun-kissed Jeruzalem and Svetinje hills, in an area that has been known for quality wines for centuries and on a site perfect for growing top quality wines, this family-run estate has a modest yet brilliant secret: its location. A tasting in the old wine cellar showed off the typical wines of the area, starting with Sipon.

After this wine morning, we went to nearby Zerovinci for lunch at Gostilna Tramšek. We were served on the outdoor terrace of the inn.

Owner Mrs Jelena Tramsek, again prepared us an exceptional menu featuring local Prlekian specialities matched by excellent Prlekija wines which perfectly blended with the delicious food on the plates.


Loin of pork, cured pork sausage
tomato with curd cheese

Homemade pasta with veal
chilli pepper sauce

Succulent roast pork
mashed potato, cauliflower, carrot baton

Prlekija cake
(layered pastry with curd cheese filling)

This Chaîne weekend amply demonstrated that the two-day excursion to sample the culinary wealth and knowledge of our country is an excellent opportunity to occasionally forget about the problems and nonsense of day-to-day life that we might experience in one way or another throughout the year.

Tomaz Dular

Photos courtesy of Tomaz Dular