Germany Grand Chapitre
Regensburg, May 10-12, 2018
A perfect event in Bavaria
" Many of the guests wore Bavarian-style costume "

The National Bailliage held its 92nd Grand Chapitre in the historical town of Regensburg.

The UNESCO World Heritage site offered a programme including outstanding places such as the Walhalla, a hall in which busts are exhibited of all the famous Germans known in literature, music or poetry. Another gem is the baroque Abbey Weltenburg, one of the oldest monasteries in Germany.

The Induction Ceremony took place in Regensburg’s Town Hall which was the site of the perpetual Imperial Diet from 1663 to 1806.

We then “marched” the short distance from the hotel accompanied by a Bavarian orchestra with drums and trumpets.

Many of the guests wore Bavarian-style costume, Dirndl or Jancker. Our Inducting Officer, very familiar with the alpine style, was Norbert Simon, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Austria.

We stayed at the Hotel Bischofshof built on Roman foundations. We ate the famous sausages at the oldest restaurant in town right next to the River Danube. The sunny sky bore the Bavarian colours, white and blue, which made this Grand Chapitre a perfect one.

Vive La Chaîne!

Barbara Tritschler
Pair de la Chaîne

Photos (c) courtesy of IHR FOTOGRAF Klaus Butenschön