Sultanate of Oman Dinner
Muscat, March 22, 2018
Al fresco dining at its best
" The vegetable green curry in particular was a hit "

The last dinner of the season was about taking full advantage of the outdoors before summer hits Oman.

The event themed “Angin Laut” (sea breeze) featured al fresco dining at its best. It took place in the Grand Hyatt Muscat’s Marjan Restaurant.

The tropical vibe started with welcome cocktails served in a coconut shell which we thoroughly enjoyed before moving to the evening’s feast. 

Subtle flavours and freshness of ingredients in all the dishes were perfect for the weather.  The spice quotient was at a comfortable level.


Sautéed tofu, soya bean cake, green beans, sweat soya chili (V)

Fried vegetable, cabbage, carrot, spinach, peanut sauce (V)

Sayur Urap
Carrot, cabbage, beans sprout, cucumber, dry coconut (V)

Manisan Acar
Vegetable nonya salad (V)


Soto Ayam Sop
Chicken, noodles, cabbage, egg, basic paste

Sop Sayur
soup with potato, carrot, tomato and sweat corn (V)

Hot dishes

Be Paseh Mekukus
Steamed barramundi, lotus root, water chestnut, potato, basil

Kari Sayuran
Vegetables, green curry, coconut cream (V)

The vegetable green curry in particular was a hit though many said they would have preferred a bit more of a ‘kick’! The combination of hot and cold dishes served simultaneously was also a different experience and appreciated.

Mohana Prabhakar
Chargée de Presse

NB: (V) signifies a vegetarian dish