Sweden Grand Chapitre
Varberg, June 15-17, 2018
Congratulations to the Bailliage of Halland for a fantastic event!

Emerging from a “hibernation” the Bailliage of Halland has made an amazing comeback. Hosting the 2018 Swedish Grand Chapitre their fantastic effort resulted in lots of happy faces.

Varberg, the host city, has an abundance of spas, excellent eating, superb surfing and 2.5km of sandy beaches from which visitors and locals alike can choose. The blossoming, vibrant resort could not be further from the ugliness it was labelled with in the 1800s!

Friday afternoon was sponsored by the region. A coach trip to Kvibille where the old inn (Gästgiveri) and cheese making was the centre of the attention. We tasted their fantastic cheese with equally great wines. The evening’s activities gave the choice of a tasting menu at the Happy Fish Restaurant headed by Chef Rôtisseur Mattias Svensson or locally-inspired tapas at Restaurant Mono where our Échanson had set up his Chaîne “pop-up” champagne bar called “Mono + A Little Party”.

Saturday started with a tour of Ästad Vingård, a local vineyard with a wine tasting as the grand finale. Late afternoon saw the first Induction Ceremony held on the walls of the impressive 16th century fortress, Varbergs Fästning, with a great view of the sea.

It was the first time in many years that we had held the ceremony outdoors. Thankfully the weather gods were on our side. No wind, a little cloudy and no rain made the conditions perfect. Champagne for sure did its bit in making the event a great success. Two hundred members and guests sat on walls, chairs and blankets. All was very well organised despite a quite unusual venue.

After the ceremony we strolled to the Sociteten Restaurant for a somewhat more practical Grand Dinner than usual. The theme was “Kattegatt” which is the part of the North Sea outside the city of Varberg. Perfectly combined with great wines and more champagne the evening was highly appreciated. During the dinner we also had the honour to listen to young opera singers, fantastic piano music and much much more.

After a late evening, early morning Sunday started with the traditional members’ meeting where a wide range of topics was presented, all with focus on the Chaîne as an organisation in Sweden and internationally. After the meeting a perfect lunch of freshly-cooked salmon was served to the happy crowd.

The Grand Chapitre was an excellent event. We thank the Bailliage of Halland and the city of Varberg for their great efforts.

Carl Wachtmeister
Bailli Délégué