France Lunch
Bailliage of Bordelais
Puymirol, April 6, 2019
Pampered by the Tramas at the Aubergade
" The humble altruism of our hosts contributed to whetting the appetites of our fellow members "

The meal began with a delicious selection of delicate dishes. Foie gras lollipops and beetroot and goats’ cheese ravioli, served with a house sparkling cherry cocktail, made tantalising appetisers. Claire Veaux, Honorary Bailli of Périgord, recounted the history of this venue and our hosts.

This stunning medieval country house dates back to 1248 and was built by Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse. The Aubergade is now a luxury hotel where the warm welcome given by Maryse Trama’s team is only rivalled by the fantastic culinary talent of her husband, Michel Trama. He is a man with a big heart whose Gascon spirit shines through, and a recipient of several Michelin stars.

The humble altruism of our hosts contributed to whetting the appetites of our fellow members, who were invited to take their seats after making their way through the delightful restaurant kitchens.

The menu served included:


Scallop carpaccio
pomegranate and calamondin dressing

Line-caught turbot ravioli infused with Eastern flavours
squid ink garnish

Spiced roast squab
orange-infused carrots

Vanilla and thyme honey jelly
with red berries
chocolate teardrop with griottines
vanilla sauce

Pure Arabica coffee
Petits fours

Each course was naturally served with a range of carefully selected wines. A commentary on the menu was provided by the Chancelier Provincial of Aquitaine, Chloé Cazaux Grandpierre, and our exceptional Vice-Échanson, Dr Jacqueline Mazuel, whose fascinating “Wine Chronicle” is always highly anticipated by our guests.

The meal ended with a speech by Jean-François Guichard, who treated us to a glass of champagne to celebrate his recent appointment as Bailli Délégué of France.

Coffee and liqueurs were served in the Aubergade’s lounge, whose snug armchairs offered the chance to relax and digest for the more daring among us who were going to be partaking of a dinner of roasted delights just a few hours later.

The unforgettable venue, warm welcome and outstanding food made this event a huge success for all fellow members.

Dominique Naboulet
Bailli Provincial of Aquitaine