Mexico Dinner
Bailliage of Cozumel Quintana Roo
Cozumel, March 7, 2019
At Sal de Mar Restaurant

The Bailliage held its first event of the year at the Sal de Mar Restaurant which, even with its modern design, still preserves rustic touches of the architecture of the old Cozumel.

For the first time since the Bailliage’s foundation the attendees included members, couples and guests, a practice that will continue in future activities.

Accordingly, 32 people had this wonderful experience that included an official picture, dinner and the recognition of service personnel.

The menu was a combination of seafood for the first four courses, followed by two beef dishes, finishing with a brioche-based dessert with chocolate ganache. The wines included Italian rosé, Mexican Chardonnay, Spanish Albariño, finishing with a fine Mexican Cabernet Sauvignon.


Fish usuzukuri
(Ed. fish that is sliced thinly)
amazu ponzu, bittersweet tomato
Herencia Rosado 2016
(Grape varieties: Montepulciano, Sangiovese)
Bodegas F. Rubio, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Squid croquette with chipotle aioli
Kruger Chardonnay
Bodega Kruger, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Grilled octopus
coriander green sauté, paprika red sauté
octopus emulsion, polenta

Salt-baked fish
black rice, roasted garlic aioli
Valtea Albariño
D.O. Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain

Mojito capsule

Veal sweatbreads
mushroom stew, vegetable chips

Glazed beef cheek
huitlacoche, coconut curry sauce, mole
Solar Fortun ‘O Positivo’ Vino Tinto
(Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz)
Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

“French toast”
brioche whipped milk
Phillipe Fournier chocolate ganache

Bailli Philippe Fournier, a Chef by profession and currently GM of the Hotel Cozumeleño Beach Resort, is already working with his officers on the next event in the Bailliage’s calendar. This first dinner for 2019 at the Sal de Mar Restaurant has already set the bar high for the rest of the yeart.

Marco Albarrán Arozarena
Chargé de Presse