Taiwan Chapitre
Taipei, May 3, 2019
Five Senses, Five Chefs, Five Tastes
" Our expectations were exceeded and the evening as usual passed far too quickly "

For this lavish occasion we were back at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel. Attended by 88 members and their guests, the magic number “5” was the theme: 5 Senses - 5 Chefs - 5 Tastes.

The evening started with the Induction Ceremony, a notable moment of which was that 48 members of our Bailliage were inducted as members of the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD).

After the ceremony the winner of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs (JCR) Competition 2019 National Final was announced.

Once the ceremonial part of the evening had ended, we enjoyed aperitifs at the ballroom’s entrance together with three bites of amuse bouche:
- 1st bite: watermelon and smoked salmon crumble
- 2nd bite: pineapple, caramelised peanut, radish
- 3rd bite: melon tart, Parma ham, Parmesan

On time the doors to the ballroom opened and we entered the nicely-decorated room to enjoy the five chefs’ excellent creations. Perfectly paired with great wines we were all set for an excellent evening.


Umami - Chef Maeda
Konbu kelp marinated sea bream roll
asparagus, yuzu miso, golden vinegar sauce

Sour - Chef Fabio
Hokkaido scallop crudo
citrus, egg yolk confit, overnight pickled onion
juniper berries, fermented mushroom

Bitter - Chef Thitisorn
Roasted duck with five spices
caramelised duck liver foie gras, grapefruit, braised endive

Salt - Chef Wah Chan
Braised US prime beef rib
abalone in abalone/saffron jus served with steamed rice

Sweet - Chef Omar
Passion fruit and pink pepper soup
caramelised banana, mango, yoghurt and raspberry sorbet

Our expectations were exceeded and the evening as usual passed far too quickly. At the end of service we gave heartfelt appreciation to the five chefs and their creation of five tastes that tantalised and sublimely satisfied our five senses.

Paul Wyss
Bailli Délégué