Kuwait Dinner
Kuwait City, November 16, 2019
Spectacular view and cuisine to match
" We had an overall, full of flavour, fusion cuisine at its finest "

The “Chairman’s Club” is a prestigious club located on the 55th floor of the Kipco Tower in the middle of Kuwait City with fantastic views - blue sea on one side and the whole of Kuwait on the other.

To have our event during daytime was a great choice so we could enjoy the marvellous 360 degree view of the skyline together with the delicious cuisine inspired by the Kuwaiti spirit.

Saffron, one of the exquisite flowery spices described as having a honey taste, is a multitalented spice for both salty and sweet dishes. It was just wonderful in the rice with our fish and with the tres leches cake in the dessert.

Fish is a very significant dish of the Kuwaiti diet given the country’s geographical location in the Arabian Gulf which is home to nearly 700 hundred different species.

A superb surprise in the menu was the very special toothfish. Found at over 1700 metres deep in Antarctic waters it had a delicate and buttery flesh that melted in our mouths.

Our meat course was herb-crusted lamb noisette highlighting another substantial part of nearly all the famous Kuwaiti dishes.

We had an overall, full of flavour, fusion cuisine at its finest and a cultural experience skilfully prepared and artistically presented.

Soumaya El-Azem
Chargée de Missions