Thailand Dinner
Bailliage of Bangkok
Bangkok, January 14, 2020
Royal Thai glamour
" Dinner involved different 'courses' served family-style "

2020 started off with a bang featuring the best of Thailand’s haute cuisine.

The Royal Thai restaurant Ruen Urai, located in an ancient Thai-style teakwood house within the Rose Hotel’s grounds, evokes a sense of peace despite its proximity to the busy Surawong Road.

We gathered on the outdoor patio for Thai sparkling wine chosen by Échanson Sariya Kampanathsanyakorn to accompany old-fashioned Thai welcoming bites: “sangwah ghratong tong” (golden crispy cups filled with an herbal shrimp salad) and “mieng bussabong” (lotus petals stuffed with salmon and a sweet-and-sour sauce).

Dinner involved different “courses” served family-style, many of which are difficult to find in Thai restaurants today due to their time-consuming preparation. For example, we enjoyed “lhu dtiang”, a dish invented during the time of Rama II comprising Thai sweetmeats (minced shrimp, pork and peanuts) enveloped in a delicate lattice of egg.

At the same time, Ruen Urai included contemporary twists, such as the “tuna pan samunphrai” (raw tuna rolls filled with herbs) and a unique take on the traditional standby “goong cha nam pla” (raw shrimp marinated in fish sauce and herbs).

There followed a spicy-sour soup and four main courses all with perfect spices:
- roasted red curry of crabmeat
- fried red tilapia
- grilled lamb chops
- stir-fried river prawn legs.

For dessert we delighted in boiled rice dumplings with coconut milk and fresh mango.

During the evening, owner Tom Vityakul regaled diners with stories about each dish’s origins.

It was indeed a grand dinner.

Chawadee Nualkhair
Chargée de Presse