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Igualada, April 27, 2020
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" Today the establishment is run by Maître Rôtisseur Fernando "

The Asador Mesón El Abuelo opened January 2, 1981 by Fernando García and his wife Cecilia Martos with a family business format. Located 60 kms from Barcelona, in Igualada, it has gained a reputation for its roasts and its 40 varieties of omelette.

Fernando García (father) had previously worked in a tortilla shop in Barcelona and when he decided to start his own business, he wanted to offer something that was neither in Igualada nor in the whole region: a wide variety of tortillas.

Today the establishment is run by Maître Rôtisseur Fernando García (son) He was going to be a teacher but abandoned his studies to join the restaurant in 2007 already planning changes to expand the gastronomic offer.

The premises
Décor is rustic, inn-style. The inn area has a large bar with small dining room seating 28. The restaurant area has three dining rooms spread over two floors which seat between 30 and 100.

The gastronomic offer
Asador Mesón El Abuelo is the choice for traditional cuisine using top quality raw ingredients which defines this inn. As you sit at the table, you find a plate with an extra virgin olive oil (the bottle, so each one serves what he wants), garlic and tomatoes (natural), to prepare the famous tomato bread - “pan tumaca” - so typical of all Catalonia. The starters on your menu do not disappoint, they follow the tradition of honest, unassuming cuisine. For instance, in one reputed Guide they recommend the Navarra asparagus with mayonnaise. And they know a lot about eating!

Roast meats in a wood oven
Galician steak stands out. Roasts from the wood-fired oven delight diners who come to the restaurant. Sanfaina is a typical preparation of Catalan gastronomy - very similar to ratatouille - that usually accompanies meat and fish but is also delicious with cod.

The sweet part
An exquisite Catalan cream tops the list. You can also opt for a quince and Manchego cheese plate. At the end of lunch or dinner a combo of four liqueurs accompanied by house sweets arrives while you decide on the coffees.

International tourism
The Asador Mesón El Abuelo is well known with international tourists. For several years now, buses en route to Barcelona or Valencia have stopped at lunchtime for travellers to eat before continuing on their way. To meet this demand the premises adjacent to the inn were purchased and a room with a capacity of 100 people was created. It is also used for special events.

Family tradition
The roots of gastronomy in Spain forged businesses based on hard work. In many restaurants the second generation has already taken over the business their parents founded as it is in their DNA. Fernando García is a fine example of this family tradition.

Rosa Román
Bailli Délégué

Asador Mesón El Abuelo
Avenida Doctor Pasteur, 45
08700 Igualada (Barcelona)
Phone: +34 93 804 33 51