France Lunch
Bailliage of Bordelais
Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc, September 5, 2020
Wine tour at Château Loudenne
" A lovely day which made us even keener to get back to our culinary events "

After many long months of lockdown, it was on a lovely sunny day at the beginning of autumn that we came together again for a wine tour at Château Loudenne on Saturday September 5th.

Château Loudenne is a winery in Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc, next to the Gironde estuary in the Médoc region, which specializes in AOC Médoc vines. The estate covers 132 hectares, including 62 hectares of vines.

Loudenne’s history owes a lot to the passion of two British businessmen who made their fortune in the spirits trade: in 1875, two brothers, Alfred and Walter Gilbey, bought the Château which became their base in France.

After falling into obscurity at the end of the 20th century following several changes of ownership with various levels of success, Loudenne now belongs to Camus, the cognac company, and a Chinese spirits group.

Since its beginnings Château Loudenne has been well-known for its lavish soirées and parties. The new owners wanted to carry on in this tradition which does justice to its excellent wines.

So it was with great pleasure that thirty or so of our members from different parts of France, as well as a delightful member from the Bailliage of Singapore, began the day with a tour of the Château and the opportunity to taste its wines, accompanied by our host and co-owner, Jean-Paul Camus, who is a Member of the Chaîne’s Conseil d’Honneur.

This was followed by a meal in one of the Château’s salons, around the theme of traditional local cuisine and with wines from the estate.


Médoc oysters
served with king prawn tartare and Grenier Médocain

Goose breast grilled over vine wood
confit potatoes, leeks




A lovely day which made us even keener to get back to our culinary events.

The next dates for your diary are October 23 and 24 in Dordogne for a get-together dedicated to truffles. We look forward to seeing many of you very soon!

Jean-Francois Guichard
Chargé de Missions
Dominique Naboulet
Bailli Provincial of Aquitaine