Mexico Dinner
Bailliage of  Playa del Carmen
Cancún, October 23, 2020
At the Fuentes Culinary Theatre
" an innovative and avant-garde concept in the culinary entertainment world "

The Bailliage led by Bailli Nestor Ospina hosted its first in-person dinner after a long wait due to confinement measures ordered by authorities. The event was held at the Fuentes Culinary Theatre in the El Dorado Royale Resort with its host Beat Mueller.

Having a safety and hygiene protocol, within the programme “Peace of Mind”, the hosts created a peaceful environment that allowed the event to flow harmoniously for the 50 participants at the event.


Hamachi tartare
raspberry ponzu, red beets purée, hibiscus

Green salad with spinach sponge
cucumber, green peas, apple
grapes, mint oil, guacamole

Orange salmon
sweet potato purée, spicy peanuts
guajillo chili pepper oil, orange reduction

Black beef tenderloin
black calamari risotto, huitlacoche* sauce
[*Ed. “huitlacoche” is a Mexican fungal delicacy
that makes corn taste like a mushroom]

Yellow apple
white chocolate mousse, pineapple compote
passion fruit, peach sponge

The Fuentes Culinary Theatre is an innovative and avant-garde concept in the culinary entertainment world. There was a full show in the open kitchen with Chef José Eduardo Barra’s performance, complemented by mixologist Sheila Centeno and Sommelier Mariana Ramírez.

Vive la Chaîne!

Marco Albarrán
Chargé de Presse