Switzerland Lunch
Bailliage of Pays de Vaud
Crissier, October 29, 2020
Gastronomy is always a winner!
" delicious 10-course meal, followed by some exquisite petits fours "

Maître Rôtisseur Franck Giovannini is the fourth chef with 3 Michelin stars to work at the Hôtel de Ville in Crissier. In 2017 he was named Chef of the Year by Gault & Millau. At the beginning of this year, he was featured on the Chaîne’s News Online site, so his reputation is already firmly established!

In 2017 our Bailliage had the social and gastronomic delight of enjoying a wonderful aperitif followed by an outstanding meal in the Restaurant Hôtel de Ville. So we were very excited when we found out about the “Hunters’ Dinner” that was to be organised in this celebrated establishment!

The only downside was that, against the backdrop of COVID-19 crisis and the various protective measures - and even the risk of lockdown - that it has imposed on us, it was with a certain degree of unease that we arrived in Crissier, with masks covering our faces. After sanitising our hands, we sat down straight away: 4 guests per table (instead of the usual 8), in two rooms rather than one. A very different atmosphere?

Any doubts soon disappeared, and we began to enjoy ourselves: an aperitif at the table goes down very well indeed. Four people to a table is perfect for more personal conversation, with a lot less noise in the restaurant. So by the time the aperitifs arrived at our tables, everybody was smiling enthusiastically!


Brown crab marinière served cold 
Penthéréaz endive with Imperial lemon pearls

Duck foie gras
Grive Féchy powder
pear and grape chutney, beetroot shavings

Caramelised scallops
orange zest
local salsify deglazed in Dézaley

Egg surprise with Piedmont “White Gold”
spinach shoots, crispy celery

Elegant langoustine bites with coral
roasted squash and parsley roots
fine des Grisons

Hare à la Royale “Hôtel de Ville” style

Saddle of Alpine Chamois goat
with wild pear

A selection of young and mature cheeses

Iced cocktail with pure origin chocolate
and tangy, zesty satsumas

Pistachio crêpe with candied Williams pears
and brandy sorbet

Petits fours


Chasselas 2019
Raymond Paccot, Domaine de la Colombe, Vaud

Viognier 2018
Les Frères Dutruy, Vaud

Humagne Rouge 2019
Philippe Darioli, Valais

The elegant and professional service, combined with excellent sanitising, added to this delicious 10-course meal, followed by some exquisite petits fours (a feast for the eyes if you want to check out the photo gallery)!

The lesson that we took away from this exquisite meal and the pleasure that it gave us was that, even in the difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19, gastronomy can always offer some welcome joy!

The Bailliage of Pays de Vaud wholeheartedly hopes that all establishments will be able to get through this health and economic crisis without suffering too much damage!

Henri Rollier
Vice-Chargé de Presse