USA Induction Dinner
Bailliage of Greater Miami
Coral Gables (Florida), March 18, 2016
Sensuous culinary adventure and Chaîne camaraderie at The Biltmore Hotel

An evening of a sensuous culinary adventure and Chaîne camaraderie awaited Greater Miami members and guests on at this historic landmark in the beautiful city of Coral Gables, Florida.
The event commenced with a champagne reception and pass-arounds served by volunteer students of Johnson and Wales University, College of Culinary Arts.

Inducting Officer Charles Radlauer, Bailli Provincial of the Southeast, officiated the Induction Ceremony which saw sixteen new Non-professional and four Professional members receive their Chaîne regalia. In addition, there were two promotions, long-standing members honoured and a Bronze Medal of Excellence awarded. After the “Chaîne” inductions fourteen Société Mondiale du Vin members were dubbed.

The tables were elegantly adorned with colourful roses reflecting personalized menus and commemoratives of "Love is Love" honey, chocolate body paint, and a new ribbon pin tagged “Seduction Induction”.

The menu featured interesting facts on aphrodisiacs interspersed with love quotes. The superb six courses were choreographed by the hotel’s Executive Chef, Maître Rôtisseur David Hackett.

For the intermezzo, guests were invited to mingle on the veranda. Upon their return, Bailli Radlauer instructed everyone to open large red gift bags which revealed sensuously-titled cookbooks. Laughter erupted throughout the ballroom!

As the evening came to a close Bailli Radlauer orchestrated a raffle to benefit scholarships for our chefs of the future. She bestowed accolades on Chef Hackett, staff and volunteers for an outstanding Greater Miami event.

Maria Eugenia Eastlick
Vice-Chargée de Presse

Photos by Daphne Diaz