Sultanate of Oman Dinner
Muscat, May 19, 2016
'King of Chefs and Chef of Kings' tribute

The final event of the winter/spring season took place in the Beach Restaurant of the Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The dinner was planned as a tribute to the “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings”, Georges Auguste Escoffier. Executive Chef Jörgen Sodemann and his team had devised a menu based on many of Escoffier’s classic dishes with a modern twist.

Guests were greeted on arrival with delicious canapés, including blinis with rye bread and caviar, as well as crackers (using Omani prawns) with specially matured feta cheese and rock melon, as part of the champagne reception.

On entering the restaurant, one was struck by the attention to detail, including individual chef’s hats with the names of all the guests sewn on them as well as framed menus for each place setting.

The constituent parts of the first course of “consommé de pigeon en gelée” were arranged on the plate in such a fashion that we were able to appreciate their distinctive tastes and textures.

This was followed by lobster which had been specially flown in from Europe served in a bisque sauce made without cream or butter. It had an intense taste and colour.

Palates were cleansed with a tomato water sorbet before Escoffier’s classic dish of tournedos Rossini was presented.

The Peach Melba dessert, invented by Escoffier in 1893, was modernized and presented in its separate elements to allow all the colours and flavours to be savoured.

Accompanying wines had been carefully matched to the courses.

All present felt privileged to be served such an outstanding meal which was indeed a fitting tribute to a great culinary master and a brilliant end to our 2015-16 season.

Robert Weener
Bailli Délégué

Photos courtesy of Rajesh Rajan