Slovenia Dinner
Vipava, June 23, 2017
Natural ingredients ensured succulent treats

In the Vipava Valley the Mediterranean lowlands reach out to the Alps. Due to its mild climate, the region is suitable for the cultivation of different kinds of fruits (especially peaches, apricots, persimmons, and figs). The valley is also renowned for its quality wines, especially whites.

The interior of Majerija House (, the location for our dinner, is a superb relationship between cultural heritage and modern design. On the menu we were presented with an exceptional selection of simple traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch. The food is prepared from natural ingredients which ensure succulent treats.

To give an example of the distinctive local cuisine, upon arrival we were first offered small parcels filled with asparagus, cottage cheese and cow's milk cheese. An “extra brut” sparkling wine made from Zelen grapes by Marca, a Vipava Valley winemaker, proved to be a perfect accompaniment.

Dinner started in the restaurant area but because of the summer heat we moved into the garden to continue under the walnut tree. There we tried many great dishes.


Crystallized dandelion on yogurt and honey

Beef carpaccio, spiced with delicate sheep cheese and forest fruits

Corn groats with cream of yellow peppers, courgette and guinea fowl

Crispy baked parcel stuffed with creamy nettle, delicate herb sauce and tomato

Mint, clover and pollen interlude

Slender slices of duck breast with cherries
citrus and thyme, light potato puree

Fried home-made curd with poppy and strawberry sauce

Sauvignon 2015 - Piana
Pinela 2015 - Sveti Martin
Reddo 2013 - Burja (served from magnums)
Nika 2010 - Guerila

After dinner our host, Matej Tomazič, invited us to his cellar where we tried some other digestifs and liqueurs.

The event at Majeria certainly impressed us, especially as it showed how far the development of a defined local cuisine in Slovenia has progressed – a cuisine which retains tradition but is contemporary at the same time.

Vive la Chaîne!

Tomaz Dular