France Chapitre
La Celle-Guénand (Indre-et-Loire), September 17, 2017
A magnificent event, organised at the same time as the French Heritage Days

Due to persistent drizzle the day began with a total reorganisation of the venue for the festivities, before the gradual arrival of guests from all over France and indeed the globe.

After making our way through the different inner courtyards of the Château, past the spit-roast young pig that had been relocated from the archery range to one of the castle’s porches, it was a wonder to behold the stunning venue where the inductions and promotions were about to take place. And there, no fewer than 50 people, including 18 existing, new and promoted members, had the honour of entering one of the 700-year-old caves.

We were fortunate to witness the induction of foreign guests who had come to (re)discover the art of French cuisine with Sidney Bond, Maître Rôtisseur and Director of the private culinary school, “Le Calabash”. The ceremony also offered the opportunity to induct into our association national and regional politicians from the Indre-et-Loire département who are committed to the development of tourism and gastronomy in their beautiful region.

The champagne aperitif was followed by an excellent meal which, because of the rain, was transformed at the last minute into a “buffet” by the team from Le Calabash. The menu mixed surf with turf, sweet with savoury, all accompanied by regional wines.

Having partaken of this delectable lunch, those who wanted could enjoy a guided tour of the castle to discover all of its secrets.

I would particularly like to thank the national and regional politicians for their presence on this wonderful day, as well as the different grades of Baillis of France, Jacques Stervinou, Alain Harvey and Jean-François Guichard, for their help with the ceremony. Thanks are also very much due to the many guests who attended despite the weather, to Maître Hôtelier Steve Palluel for his warm welcome, Maître Rôtisseur Sidney Bond for his delicious meal, and to Maître Restaurateur Alison Bond and her staff for their organisation of the reception.

Above all, I would like to thank the members of the Bailliage of France, the International Headquarters, and the friends who accompanied, supported and helped us to organise this fantastic event.

Laurent Grenier de Cardenal
Bailli Délégué