Ana El Masry

I the Egyptian (Ana El Masry) Foundation is an Egyptian Non-Gouvernmental Organization registered underat the Ministery of Social Solidarity in Egypt; wit the objective of providing and implementing an integrated system approach to support the poor and marginalized families in slums and disenfranchised area.





1 Oasis South Highway-Sixth of October City

Phone: +201221055107




The foundation adopts the new millenium goals, which seeks to improve the lives of 100 millions residents in unsafe areas and slums around the world. Aligned with state's policy in the development and upgrading of slum areas, the foundation seeks to develop an integrated system to impove the lives of poor families, with a special focus on breadwinner mothers and at-risk children.

With this in view, the foundation works with low-income, socially and economically marginalized families, whose children are also subject to harsh living conditions.



The methodology of "I the Egyptian Foundation" relies on integrated programs which support families below the poverty line.

  • Children at risk (curative and preventive solutions)
  • Support breadwinner mothers through economic programs
  • Developing marginalized districts and slums economically and socially

Our activities

  • Loan Offices
  • Nurseries
  • Football Playgrounds
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
  • Community Schools

Our achievements

  • 14 Loan Offices
  • 200,000 loans til present in 7 years
  • 90,000 beneficiaries
  • 29,000 open loans
  • Students: 262 students
  • Number of workshops: 7 workshops
  • 2 Nurseries
  • 2 Community Schools