International World Chaîne Day

Save the date for your diary and remember to take part!
Show your pride at being a member, feel the spirit and global togetherness!

Be active on social media!




Member of Conseils d'Adlministration et Magistral


Should you need further help or have any questions,
please send an email to [email protected]

The World Chaîne Day takes place every year, end of April, and brings together members of the Chaîne who want to take part in a festive day, and to meet in a unique context.

A relay on social networks allows to highlight the specificities of each bailliage and to be together, despite the distance...


This is THE day of the Chaîne!



The World Chaîne Day spirit is one of celebration. Whether it is an organized event large or small or something private just for yourself, remember to post it on social media, and remember to use any of the hashtags: #chaineday and #worldchaineday. This ensures that fellow members can find and see your posting.



Follow, Post and Share

Be active on social media. Follow what’s going on and share what you are doing during the day. Post pictures and greetings. But remember to use pictures only from that day.

NB. To maintain the etiquette, please do not post material from outside World Chaine Day events. And remember the hashtags.

 Social Media Wall

 Using Social Media Wall is simple: just click the link and you are in :

Social Media Wall is the easiest way to follow what’s going on around the globe during WCD weekend. It is online live and showing continuously postings. It easily scrollable and can be used on any device. You can even reflect it to the wall during Chaîne dinner or event.

Remember that the more active members are posting, the more living will the Social Media Wall be!


See separate instructions for the Social Media Wall



Photo Competition

 Photo Competition is exiting and every year more and more popular part of the WCD weekend.

Jury will go through all the social media wall feed material and select the “Best picture” awarded photos.

You will be part of the competition by posting with hashtag, and even win without knowing to take part.


See separate instructions for the Photo Competition